Meet Brandon Hayes-Lattin, M.D.

As a cancer survivor, OHSU oncologist Brandon Hayes-Lattin, M.D. is in a unique position to empathize with the young patients he treats.

Hayes-Lattin was in the midst of his residency training in internal medicine when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1998. After a successful recovery, he was eager to help other young people navigate the complex and frightening world of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

“I chose oncology because I realized that the care of cancer patients goes beyond chemotherapy,” he said, adding that that even those who make a full recovery may continue to suffer, both physically and emotionally. “These patients face cultural biases about cancer when re-entering their careers, financial contracts and relationships. They face concerns from late side effects from treatment like infertility and organ dysfunction, and live with fear of cancer recurrence.”

Young adults represent the only age group that has not experienced a decrease in cancer death rates. Their need for additional support to cope with the ongoing challenges of survivorship prompted Hayes-Lattin to act.

He established the Adolescent and Young Adult oncology program in the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. An avid cyclist, he is the first medical co-chair of the Lance Armstrong Foundation's LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance, a coalition of over 100 organizations that conduct research and serve young adults with cancer.

Hayes-Lattin is optimistic that the work at the center will produce more success stories similar to his own. “My passion is improving care for young adults with cancer,” he said.