Clinical Trials

Emma Scott - Clinical Trials

The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute is involved in more than 400 cancer clinical trials. Studies are focused on new approaches to cancer treatment, cancer prevention, diagnosis and screening and molecular targets for personalized cancer medicine that are tailored to individual tumors.

Cancer clinical trials research

OHSU Knight Cancer Institute researchers and scientists take cancer clinical trials personally. We're working together to translate discoveries into longer and better lives for Oregon and SW Washington cancer patients.

By engaging in groundbreaking cancer research, we can develop the most effective targeted therapies to attack cancer at the molecular level. Our multiple locations bring the best in cancer screening, prevention, and cancer treatments to every community in our region.

Changing the face of cancer research

Dr. Michael Heinrich conducts clinical trials for cancer research at OHSU Knight Cancer InstituteThe clinical trial, which focused on a type of gastrointestinal cancer known as GIST, found that genetic variations appear to determine which drugs work best against tumors.This lets us provide personalized medicine, tailoring treatment to each patient's genes.

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