The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute leadership team is responsible for establishing the institute's goals, guiding its strategic initiatives, and ensuring that basic, translational, and population science initiatives are in alignment.

     Brian Druker headshot                   Tom Beer headshot                   Ray Bergan headshot                   Kristin Bialobok
       Brian Druker, M.D.                     Tomasz Beer, M.D.                     Raymond Bergan, M.D.           Kristin Bialobok, M.S.N.
             Director                                    Deputy Director                            Associate Director,                     Senior Director,                                                                                                                                Medical Oncology               Administration and Finance

     Sara Courtneidge headshot                   Lisa Coussens                   Joe Gray                   Mary Stenzel-Poore

 Sara A. Courtneidge, Ph.D.      Lisa M. Coussens, Ph.D.                 Joe Gray, Ph.D.                   Mary Stenzel-Poore, Ph.D.
    Associate Director,                    Associate Director,                      Associate Director,                            Associate Dean,
 Translational Research                 Basic Research                        Biophysical Oncology                              Research

      Ann Raish                    Christopher Amling                     Kevin Billingsley                     Charles Thomas

     Ann Raish, M.H.A.                   Christopher Amling, M.D.             Kevin Billingsley, M.D.               Charles Thomas, M.D.
       Vice President,                                     Chief,                                                  Chief,                                                   Chair,
    Oncology Services                       Division of Urology                        Surgical Oncology                       Radiation Medicine