Strategic Goals

On the pathway to end cancer

Making a difference for patients and families lies at the heart of everything we do. The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute’s strategic goals include:

  • Expanding the Knight Diagnostic Laboratories to provide oncologists nationwide with specialized tests that can determine the specific mutations enabling certain cancers to grow. With this information, oncologists are better equipped to find the most appropriate individualized, or targeted, therapy for a patient.
  • Building a world-class cancer research team to continue to explore, among other things, the cellular pathways through which cancer grows. Learning how cancer cells function and why they grow out of control enables researchers to develop the drugs to stop it.
  • Establishing a comprehensive tumor and tissue repository, the OHSU Knight BioLibrary, to advance research and the practice of personalized cancer medicine.
  • Fostering research and development collaborations with technology leaders such as Intel Corporation, FEI, Organovo and Cepheid.
  • Aligning with other regional health care providers, such as Legacy Health, to expand the Knight Cancer Institute’s ability to deliver cancer care in communities where patients live.
  • Refining patient care to tailor treatment plans for each individual’s tumor biology.