Clinical Resources

Access to a Wide Array of Patient Tissue Samples

A tray with patient tissue samples.As part of OHSU, a leading academic medical center, the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute has an expansive collection of human tumor samples to enable companies to examine effectiveness of new compounds on human cells earlier in the drug development process. This greatly accelerates the timeline from inception to implementation.

Patient Cohorts: The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute works with community healthcare providers across the state and nation to assemble robust patient cohorts for clinical trials. The institute has a broad patient recruitment base with access to specific populations and rare cancers.

Current partners include Salem Cancer Institute, Mercy Medical Center and the Veterans Administration. In addition, OHSU’s Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) helps to expand this network, forming collaborative relationships with community partners such as Kaiser Permanente, to facilitate translational and clinical research opportunities.

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Phase I Clinical Trials: This unit is organized specifically to facilitate the design and initiation of Phase I cancer studies, accelerating movement from the laboratory into the clinic.

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Patient Samples: The OHSU Knight Cancer Institute also provides access to fresh patient tissue donations through relationships with oncology clinicians and pathology teams to facilitate molecular, genetic and functional analysis of primary human cancer cells. The close connection between the research and clinical teams facilitates resource and .