Postdoctoral Scholars

Our post-doctoral researchers are integral to theĀ scientificĀ discoveries made at the OHSU Brain Institute. We strive to mentor and challenge our postdocs to take control of their careers. Through professional development, strong mentorships, unique collaborations, and resources for research and funding, we welcome the future of neuroscience to train with us.

Alexander Nevue inspects a bat

Postdoctoral Spotlight: Anandakumar Shunmugavel, Ph.D.

Anand Shunmugavel, Ph.D., was inspired to study science by his neighbor, a veterinarian. From those roots in southern India, Dr. Shunmugavel is now a post-doctoral researcher in the Fair Neuroimaging Lab. And along the way he managed to get four masters degrees from the Medical University of South Carolina. In the Fair Lab, Dr. Shunmugavel is using resting state functional connectivity MRI in combination with other biological techniques in preclinical animal models. He is also very involved in community outreach sponsored by the OHSU Brain Institute, and the Fair Lab's Youth Engaged in Science (YES!). "I appreciate how diverse and collaborative the Fair Lab is, which is why I chose to come here." Learn more about the Fair Neuroimaging Lab.