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OHSU Brain Institute "Saturday Brain Experts" at OMSI

Every Saturday at OMSI, our brain researchers and doctors will be on-hand to discuss the latest scientific and clinical advancements. Visit us there to learn more. Some of the lectures have been videotaped. Click on the lecture topics that are highlighted below to view the video.

October 22 Mary Heinricher Pain and the Brain: Where do you feel pain?
October 29 Claudio Mello Birdsong and the Brain: Can you learn about learning from the birds?
November 5 Bill Rooney Images of the Brain: Can we unlock the secrets inside the brain by looking? 
November 12 Fay Horak Balance and the Brain: How do you stay upright?
November 19 Marty Salinsky Seizures and the Brain: How do you control an electrical storm in the brain?
November 26 Peter Spencer Global Health and the Brain: Who care for brains around the world?
December 3 Tamara Hayes Healthy Aging and the Brain: What is the Oregon model for aging in place?
December 10 Skala/Samele Safety and the Brain: How can you keep your brain safe?
December 17 Andrew McCollough Distraction and the Brain: Look over here! Wait, look over there! Why?
January 7 Beth Darnall Phantom Limbs and the Brain: Can you fool the brain and end the pain?
January 14 Melanie Fried Oken Communication and the Brain: Speaking your mind – Is there a brain wave voice for the voiceless?
January 21 Lina Reiss Hearing and the Brain: How does the brain create meaning from noise?
January 28 Dan Marks Nutrition and the Brain: Are you eating the best food for a healthy brain?
February 4 Kent Thornburg The Heart and the Brain: Do you keep them both healthy the same way?
February 11 Jackie Wirz Knowledge and the Brain: How does the brain organize learning?
February 18 Larry Sherman Music and the Brain: Why does it have such an effect on you?
February 25 Shana Kusin
Poison and the Brain: How do toxins hurt the brain?
March 3 BRAIN FAIR A Cerebral Celebration of Oregon Brains for Oregon Brains!