The Brain Research Awareness and Information Network (BRAINet) is the volunteer outreach organization of the OHSU Brain Institute (OBI). BRAINet's Mission is to foster awareness and support for the Institute and for neuroscience research by educating the public and engaging in community interaction.

The human brain is teeming with connections. Neurons and synapses connect thoughts and actions, linking our brain and body through an intricate web of nerve cells that make an impact on how we feel, sense, move, coordinate, remember, judge and contemplate. BRAINet, also, creates connections that make an impact-for ourselves and others-by connecting neuroscientists to the community. You, too, can be a part of this vibrant group.

How To Get Involved      

BRAINet provides you the opportunity to connect with and promote neuroscience. Here are just a few examples of how you can do this:

  • Attend the monthly BRAINet Lecture Luncheons to hear fascinating presentations by faculty members of OHSU, and engage in stimulating conversation with other BRAINet members during the luncheon.
  • Volunteer at Brain Awareness lectures and numerous other programs of the OHSU Brain Institute.
  • Help patients and their families to use the resources of the Brain Library  in the Neurology and Neurological Surgery clinic area.
  • Serve as a "Brain-in-the-Box" volunteer, and help take this novel, engaging, highly educational program to middle schools in our area.
  • Connect with advocacy groups for brain diseases, and help them access the resources of the OHSU Brain Institute.
  • Volunteer to be a valued participant in a brain research study.
  • Donate your time or treasure to help make a difference.

Become a BRAINet member

You can play an important part in generating enthusiasm for brain research and, most importantly, in making vital connections within the community. Please join us!

BRAINet Membership Levels
OBI BRAINet Member   $25
OBI BRAINet Friend $75
OBI BRAINet Supporter $250
OBI BRAINet Patron $500
OBI BRAINet/Synapse Society member
(OHSU Foundation)
OBI BRAINet/Synapse/Presidents Society Member
(OHSU Foundation)

 BRAINet Membership Benefits*

  • Receive monthly BRAINet newsletter, The SYNAPSE
  • Receive invitations to monthly neuroscience Lecture Luncheons
  • Receive invitation to BRAINet annual meeting
  • Receive invitations to OBI public events
  • Get to know OBI neuroscientists and the latest research
  • Receive early notification (before the general public) of Brain Awareness lectures (often sold out) and related events
  • Meet renowned national/international neuroscientists
  • Learn about your own brain and brain health
  • Learn about relevant community resources for family and friends
  • Be part of a strong voice for neuroscience research
  • Receive invitations to member-only events and tours
  • Receive notice of special member-only volunteer opportunities (lab tours, VIP events, etc.)
  • Meet enjoyable and bright peers
  • Make a difference while you're having fun

*Additional special benefits for higher level membership categories. For more information, please contact and ask for the BRAINet information.