Ackerman, Diane
"A Natural History of the Senses" $5

Andreasen, Nancy
"The Creating Brain: The Neuroscience of Genius" $15

Bazan, Nicolas
"Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind" $10

Chudler, Eric
"The Little Book of Neuroscience Haikus" $5

Churchland, Patricia
"Touching a Nerve: Our Brains, Our Selves" $10

Gopnik, Meltzoff, Kuhl
"The Scientist in the Crib" $10

Hardiman, Mariale
"The Brain Targeted Teaching Model" $20

Jamison, Kay Redfield
  "Touched with Fire" $10
  "Nothing was the Same: A Memoir" $10

Kandel, Eric
"In Search of Memory" $10

Koch, Christof
"Consciousness: Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist" $15

Matthews, Paul
"The Bard on the Brain" $15

Perrine, Stephen
"The New American Diet" $10

President's Council on Bioethics
"Beyond Therapy" $5

Smith, Gordon
"Remembering Garrett" $10

Talan, Jamie
"Deep Brain Stimulation" $10

"Neuroethics: Mapping the Field" $5

  The Dana Sourcebook of Brain Science, $5