High Intensity Task Training

High intensity task training is treatment that trains you to do daily tasks using your arms or legs. You'll learn to do complex, difficult movements to accomplish a task.

High intensity task training requires active problem-solving. This type of treatment is most appropriate for people who are ready for more intense rehabilitation.

High intensity task training might be right for you if:

  • Your activities are limited because of weakness or poor coordination
  • Doing everyday activities is frustrating, and getting simple things done takes too much time
  • You can't work, do household activities or socialize as well as you'd like
  • You can't do things you enjoy, or have limitations on fun activities

High intensity task training helps you with activities that are important to your daily life. You train for four to five days a week for four weeks and then two days a week for two weeks. The training is tailored to your personal goals.

To do high intensity task training, you need to:

  • Be in stable condition (not much change from day to day)
  • Come to therapy regularly, four to five days a week
  • Have mild to moderate hemiparesis (weakness on one side of your body)
  • Be able to extend your wrist, grasp an object with your affected arm or walk 30 feet

High intensity task training helps you improve function:

  • Practicing activities
  • Doing a variety of complex activities
  • Doing difficult tasks