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Thank you for your interest in an appointment with the OHSU Northwest Pituitary Center.

To make an appointment, you need a referral from your primary care doctor (or other primary healthcare provider) or your health insurance company. We do not accept self referrals. If you, your doctor or health insurance company have questions, please call us at 503 494-4314, or toll-free at 888 222-6478 (OHSU).  

  • Please hand carry all films/imaging (bring the CD to your appointment) that is if your films/imaging have not already been sent to our OHSU imaging system.


When your doctor schedules you for an office visit, procedure or admission at OHSU, we try to contact you before your scheduled visit to obtain current personal and insurance information. You can also pre-register by calling 503 494-8505 or pre-register online.  

Pre-register online

Please bring a current medication list, including dosage information, to your appointment. 

For patients and visitors