Clinical Trials

Clinical Research is the only way we can evaluate how well new medications work. It also gives us a window into the basic causes and processes of the disease, your body's ability to process medications and how Parkinson's disturbs your body's movements.

Research also teaches us how to help people taking care of loved ones with Parkinson's disease and how healthcare providers can take better care of their patients.

The OHSU Parkinson Center and Movement Disorders Program is a national leader in Parkinson's disease research and recognized as a National Parkinson Foundation Center of Excellence. We are involved in many studies that are fully recruited and others that are being planned.

The following Parkinson’s disease (PD) and movement disorders research studies are currently looking for participants:

Pain in Parkinson's disease

Central Sensitivity and Pain in Parkinson's Disease
(seeking healthy volunteers and those with PD)

Balance and gait studies

Do you have Parkinson's disease (PD) and experience problems with balance and gait?

Exercise, brain imaging, cognition, and gait in Parkinsonism

Frontal cortex and gait freezing in Parkinson's disease: rehabilitation impact

Early Parkinson's disease (not on PD medications)                

Reducing dyskinesia in Parkinsons disease with omega 3 fatty acids

Healthy volunteers

The Parkinson's progression markers initiative (PPMI) 

Current and recent research projects (recruitment full):

  • Drugs to delay progression, new symptomatic drugs
  • Family care research
  • Fatigue, sleep
  • Balance falls
  • Magnetic stimulation
  • Genetics