Meet the Nurse Practitioner

At this visit we will provide additional information about the program, surgeons and surgical options. We will discuss the gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and/or Lap-band, how they work, what to expect, average weight loss, etc. We will also go over possible complications of these surgeries so that you are mentally prepared and aware of issues that could arise. We will talk about recommended post-op vitamin options. Then we will move on to talk about your health history so that we can do the safest job possible for you when you get to the OR. I will ask questions about your heart and lungs, sleep apnea, smoking, diabetes, acid reflux, etc. We will confirm your documented surgical history. I will then listen to your heart and lungs, check for ankle swelling, assess your thyroid and palpate your abdomen. You will not have to change into a gown.

At the end of the visit we compile your Home-work List:

We will give you a list of labs, test, or consults that are needed prior to meeting with the surgeon and getting an OR date. Once you are done with your home-work you will be scheduled for a pre-op visit with the surgeon and get an OR date. Surgeons are booked out about 6-8 wks, so once your homework is complete, most pts get surgery within 2 mos. If you have special health circumstances or are deemed a high-risk candidate due to age over 60, BMI over 60 or health issues, you may meet with the surgeon prior to completing your homework list, however the homework”still needs to be accomplished prior to scheduling surgery.

We will go over any questions or concerns you have about the surgery or the process towards surgery at your Nurse-Practitioner visit. You will be provided with our contact information and fax number. You will be given a code to set up an on-line account to contact us through your medical record called: Mychart

I do not routinely see pre-op patients again, although I am happy to see you in clinic if you have additional questions or concerns. Most questions can be answered over the phone or Mychart. I will plan on seeing you again soon at your post-op visits. I see patients at 2 wks, 6 wks, 3 mos, 6 mos and yearly visits. Additionally, I see patients for any concerns that arise between these scheduled visits and for Lap-band adjustments as needed.