Preparing for Surgery

Admission Process  

  • Complete Pre-Admission Testing Clinic visit and Pre-Hospitalization Review class
  • This is done the same day as your Pre-Operative visit with your surgeon
  • Complete admission process ahead of time by calling Admitting at 503 494-2443

Support System for After Surgery   

  • Make arrangements with family and friends to help you after surgery   
  • Make arrangements with family and friends to help you care for young children and/or pets after surgery

Specialty Equipment

  • Assess your need for any specialty equipment (cane, walker, hygiene tools) and obtain these before surgery.
  • Start practicing abdominal precautions and exercises that Physical Therapists will have you perform after surgery
  • Make sure your house is setup so that it will be easy for you to move around and get to the bathroom easily


  • Begin exercising now!   
  • Contact your provider about starting an exercise program
  • Try walking, swimming, water aerobics, bicycling, exercise tapes, yoga, chair exercises like Sit and Be Fit, anything to get yourself moving
  • Request referral to physical therapy if needed


  • Start following the type of diet that you will have to follow after surgery
  • Start breaking yourself of food habits that you know you will have to change after surgery

Helpful Hints

  • There are multiple cafeterias around the hospital the one on the 3rd floor and is open 24 hrs a day
  • Pay phones are located on the 9th floor by the lobby
  • OHSU is a non-smoking facility

Phone Information

  • Quiet hours are between 10:00 pm and 8:00am
  • Calls during these times are automatically forwarded to the nurse's station
  • You can make an outgoing call at any time by first dialing "9"
  • To make a long distance call you must have a calling card
  • Please turn your cell phone to vibrate or silence during these hours