Step-by-Step Process

First Stepscherie

Attend an OHSU Bariatric Informational Class held on Monday evenings at OHSU Center for Health and Healing, call 503 494-1983 to schedule. 

Call your insurance company to obtain coverage information regarding: 

  • Exclusion for weight related treatment
  • Requirements for surgical considerations
  • Supervised diet or weight loss requirement



Send your completed health history questionnaire (green form included in this packet) to the address or fax listed above.

  • Be sure to give the letter from us to your primary care provider (You will find the letter in this packet)
  • Once we receive your completed green form we will request your medical records
  • After we receive your records, which typically take up to two weeks, we will contact you to schedule an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner, and Dietician, and a  psychological evaluation for bariatric surgery is required of all patients
  • At your Nurse Practitioner visit we will review your medical history with you, perform a physical examination and make plans for any remaining evaluations that need to be completed prior to surgery
  • You will the opportunity to ask any questions you may have
  • At your Dietician visit, we will discuss pre and post-op diet specific to your needs
  • Please complete both sides of the "Eating Habits Questionnaire" (orange form in this packet) and bring it with you to this appointment
  • Complete needed pre-operative evaluation testing and consultations as identified at the Nurse Practitioner appointment
  • Be sure to have records sent to us, check to make sure all records have been received and we are submitting a request for surgical authorization to your insurance company

Request for Insurance Authorization Submitted 

  • We will generate a letter to your insurance company requesting authorization for surgery
  • We strongly recommend you do not attempt to do this yourself
  • Insurance authorization received Preoperative appointments scheduled with your Surgeon, the Pre Admission Testing Clinic (anesthesia) and the Pre-op Bariatric Class
  • These appointments will occur on the same day, we recommend bringing a support person to this visit
  • After this visit, we will set your surgery date.