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Your generous donations help our department in so many ways.  Through charitable giving we are able to send residents to developing countries to provide care to under-served villages be providing what we consider basic surgical services.

Your donations provide vital funding to support research in our adult and pediatric pain centers, for our scientists examining stroke, cardiac arrest, and myocardial infarction. 


Treating patients with acute, cancer, or chronic pain, the Comprehensive Pain Center (CPC) has served Oregon and SW Washington for more than 15 years. Using the most advanced techniques, the team of physicians, physical therapists, and clinical psychologists, are able to ease patients' suffering and enhance their quality of life. As a leader in the field, the CPC is a strong contributor to discovery in pain management. This fund makes it possible for the CPC to further its research to advance pain management.


The Pediatric Pain Management Center, which opened in 2001, is a nationally-known facility specializing in treating acute and chronic pain in children. In addition to its clinical work, the PPMC is actively involved in clinical research to help us improve how we care for children. This fund supports the multi-disciplinary team in providing quality and compassionate care to Oregon's children and to better understanding pain management through education and research.


Constant progress in regional anesthesia practice represents a challenge for all anesthesiologists. The Oregon Regional Anesthesia Center (ORAC) fund supports education for residents, fellows, and staff as well as research to help keep our department on the cutting edge in the field of regional anesthesia.


As one of the top reasearch anesthesiology departments in the country, we strongly encourage and support our faculty and residents in their research pursuits. Our program is designed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration among basic and clinician scientists in order to maximize the benefits of our discoveries. One major area of study is ischemic cell injury and tissue protection within brain, heart and kidney, where our scientists are examining stroke, cardiac arrest and myocardial infarction. We are also on the forefront of gender-based medicine, which we expect to have a direct impact on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases for both men and women. The Research Fund also supports clinical research conducted by residents and fellows, which often focuses on issues related to patient safety and pain management.