Innovative Care Management Insurance

OHSU is a full participant in the Innovative Care Management insurance network. If you are interested in using OHSU clinics, please call your insurance plan provider or medical network to ensure there are no limitations to your access to OHSU care.

How you pay for your health care will depend on whether you have health insurance and the type of coverage you have. Your health plan may pay for all or part of the cost of your care. See below guidance on how to contact an appropriate customer service representative.

A Message From Innovative Care Management

Founded in 1990 by industry pioneers, Sherry Chenell, CEO, and Kris Hallock, President, Innovative Care Management has over 14 years of experience in providing the highest quality service in the medical management community. Ranked "Best in Class" by an international consulting firm, we are a URAC accredited healthcare management company specializing in self-insured employer groups and trusts, and our current client base is nationwide and represents a variety of industries and union trusts. Our company statistics include:

  • URAC accredited since 1999
  • 117 nationwide clients
  • Over 226,400 covered lives across 7 unique programs
  • A range in client size from 100 to over 6,000 covered employees
  • Easy integration with TPAs and PBMs to provide seamless medical management

Innovative Care Management Customer Service

For more Innovative Care Managment information, try their web site:

Main Phone Number: 800 862-3338