Construction and Renovation

Infection Prevention & Control partners with Design and Construction and Environmental Health & Radiation Safety to ensure that construction and renovation is performed per protocol.

Physical Environmental Changes and Oversight (PECO)

Proposed and planned changes to the physical environment, within and around healthcare buildings including additions, renovations, and modifications, must be reviewed by the Physical Environment Change Oversight (PECO) Group.

The PECO process reviews projects that may result in impacts to air quality, infection prevention and control, utilities, noise, vibration, emergency procedures, and security.

Projects may not begin without a completed PECO Project Assessment Form, including the required approval signatures. Significant project changes may trigger the need for reassessment prior to change implementation. Requests for exceptions must be made to the Safety Officer 503 494-7795.

Dust Control

Work that has the potential to produce or increase circulation of dust in healthcare buildings must be evaluated for risk to determine mitigation procedures.  Any patient care areas designated for high risk patients will have ongoing monitoring to validate implemented dust control measures.

Refer to the Dust Control policies and procedures for more information.