What to Expect From Your Visit

  • Each appointment with our clinic should last 1-1.5 hours.
  • At each feeding clinic visit, we will weigh and measure your child.
  • At the first visit we will ensure we have a thorough picture of your child's medical history by asking a lot of questions. Please take the time to fill out the patient paperwork before the visit so we can make the most of our time together. 
  • We will ask about your specific feeding concerns and challenges and we will observe a feeding.
  • If your child eats or drinks by mouth, please bring some of their typical foods/fluids as well as items that may be challenging to them.
  • Our medical provider will conduct a developmental screening, which may look like playing, and a physical examination of your child. 
  • The oral motor specialist will evaluate feeding skills and the dietitian will evaluate growth, nutritional intake and feeding tolerance.
  • Before your appointment ends, we will work with you to develop some treatment strategies.
  • We may refer you to other medical providers, ask to have some testing done or recommend feeding therapy.
  • We will discuss when our next follow up appointment should be.

We consider parents and caregivers to be a valuable part of our treatment team. We ask that you bring those most involved in feeding your child to the appointment so all can take part in the treatment plans. We know that most progress will be made at your hands and in your home, we are here to teach and to guide you in the process.