South Carolina Metabolic Clinic

HRSA Region 4

South Carolina

Clinic Name

Greenwood Genetic Center
Greenwood  Clinic (Main Office)

Clinic Address 106 Gregor Mendel Circle
Clinic City, State, ZIP Greenwood, SC 29646
Clinic Telephone # (864)941-8100
Clinic RD Amie Thompson, RD, LD, CNSD
RD Telephone (864) 388-1724 or (888) 442-4363
RD Email

Clinic Name

Greenwood Genetic Center 
In North Charlston

Clinic Address 3520 W. Montague Ave.,Suite 104
Clinic City, State, ZIP Charleston, SC 29418-6099
Clinic Telephone # (843)746-1001
Clinic RD Melinda Whetsell, MS, RD, LD
RD Telephone (843) 735-5088 or (866) 676-9881
RD Email

Clinic Name

Greenwood Genetic Center 
In Columbia 

Clinic Address 1911 Thurmond Mall
Clinic City, State, ZIP Columbia, SC 29201
Clinic Telephone # (803)799-5390
Clinic RD Linda M. Schmidt, MS, RD, LD
RD Telephone (803) 358-0261
RD Email

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