Our program is also dedicated to preparing the next generation of providers to effectively address the kinds of concerns we see through the DEC. Therefore, we may include different trainees during your child's clinical visit.

Trainees that may be part of your clinic visit include:

Psychology Pre-Doctoral Interns

These trainees are finishing their last year of training before getting their doctoral degrees in psychology. Our internship program has been in existence on the Portland campus since 1967. We have had independent accreditation by the American Psychological Association since 1980. The aim of the psychologists is to broadly educate clinical psychology interns who are skilled in techniques appropriate to a wide range of clients and who have also learned to meld theory with practice.

Pediatric Residents/Fellows and Nursing Students

These students observe clinic to learn more about how to address presenting issues within their own medical practice. For more information on these training programs, please refer to the following websites: