Prenatal Counseling

The diagnosis of cleft lip or palate happens more often with new, sensitive ultrasound technology. For those pregnancies where cleft of craniofacial issues are diagnosed, we have counseling services available to prep you and your family for the arrival of your new child, and the special care which may be needed.

For those families who receive a cleft lip, palate or craniofacial diagnosis before birth, we offer prenatal counseling to provide you with information about your infant's diagnosis.

During your counseling visit, you will meet with providers from the craniofacial team.  Often a pediatrician or PNP will review the diagnosis and explain the results of the ultrasound which detected cleft or craniofacial issue.  We will also explain some of the theories behind the possible cause of the cleft. A treatment plan will be outlined to explain the care needed throughout childhood and the timing of specific surgeries.

We will also work with you to discuss the emotional concerns you may have as you prepare for the birth of your child. Often there are feeding challenges after birth.  We will work closely with you to explain the changes in feeding technique that may be required with a cleft and provides you with special bottles to prepare you to feed your newborn.

Infants whose parents are prepared with this feeding information are more successful in gaining wait and growing normally.