Making a Referral

Referral Process

Step 1: Submitting a Referral

We require a physician referral for our patients to ensure collaborative care. We also require completion of an Intake Packet and supplemental materials from your child's teacher prior to scheduling your first appointment.

Please contact our Scheduling Department to request a referral packet. When you receive the referral packet, ask your child's primary care provider to complete and submit a referral form.

Step 2: Collecting Supplemental Information

When we receive a referral, our Scheduling Department will contact you to gather additional information. We will ask for results from any tests already received as well as copies of an Individualized Education Program (IEP or IFSP) or 504 Plan. You will need to contact your doctors and teachers for this information and ask them to mail the materials to our Scheduling Department.

We will also mail materials for you to fill out about health and developmental history. Please fill out these materials and mail them to our Scheduling Department.

Step 3: Scheduling the Appointment

Our Scheduling Department will contact you to schedule an appointment after all of the supplemental materials have been received. Please contact our schedulers directly if you are unsure if your materials have been received.

Currently, waitlist for evaluation is  expected to be 3-12 months in Portland (wait times may be shorter at the Eugene clinic). We understand the wait can be difficult and will do our best to see your child as soon as possible. Program expansion to better meet the needs of our community is currently underway.

You may also find it helpful to explore these resources:

  • Autism Society of Oregon
  • Autism Speaks

Contact our Scheduling Department



503 418-8236 or Toll-free 877 346-0640


503 346-0645 or Toll-free 888 346-0645



541 346-3575 or Toll-free 800 637-0700


541 346-5844