Outreach Clinics - CDRC Eugene

Community-based programs and outreach clinics bring needed clinical services closer to home for CDRC clients, facilitate communication with local service providers and are consistent with our overall goal of ensuring access to quality health care.

Eugene-based faculty and clinical staff provide clinical services at various sites in central and southern Oregon. Other outreach activities emphasize consultation, joint evaluation, and/or treatment planning with local health care providers, early intervention programs, and social service agencies.

The Portland-based metabolic disorders program holds outreach clinics in Eugene twice a year. The Metabolic clinic also holds outreach clinics in Medford twice a year. Located at Rogue Valley Medical center. Pediatric cardiology, endocrinology, and nephrology clinics are also regularly scheduled at the CDRC Regional Services Center in Eugene through Doernbecher Children's Hospital outreach program.

Eugene child development and neurodevelopmental programs serve Medford area clients six to eight times a year with outreach clinics at Rogue Valley Medical Center. Other outreach clinics in Klamath Falls and Grants Pass are jointly planned with local early intervention staff to address specific health and treatment concerns.

Outreach clinics for children with craniofacial disorders, such as cleft lip and/or cleft palate, are held twice yearly in Medford. These clinics are staffed by a Eugene CDRC speech pathologist who is also the craniofacial disorders program coordinator, and by local dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and plastic/reconstructive surgeons. Joint evaluation and treatment planning are primary goals of these clinics.

In addition, a developmental pediatric clinic in Roseburg, meets every other month. Children are evaluated in a local pediatric setting upon referral from and in consultation with their primary care physicians.

The Care Coordination (CaCoon) program is an innovative CDRC-sponsored community endeavor. As the responsible agency in Oregon for children with special health needs, we contract with all county health departments to provide public health nursing services. These services identify children with special health or developmental needs, link families to appropriate services as early as possible, and assist families in becoming their own care coordinator. CaCoon nurses provide direct services and nursing interventions and serve as a link between the family, community and us.

The CDRC Community Connections Network (CCN) is a partnership program between CDRC in 14 local communities, including Bend, Coos Bay, Grants Pass, and Klamath Falls. The CCN brings together local service providers, including physicians, nurses, social service agencies and educators in monthly clinics to evaluate and coordinate services for children with incompletely addressed medical, education, and/or social needs. These clinics provide a secondary level of care, a level between basic primary care services and tertiary care.