Communication Disorders CDRC Eugene

The CDRC Communication Disorders Clinic serves children and young adults with delays or disorders affecting speech, language or voice. There are no exclusions by diagnosis. Any child who has difficulty with speech intelligibility or language skills may be referred. The child may or may not have an associated diagnosis, and the difficulty may be developmental or physical in origin.

Problems served by the clinic include:

  • dysarthia, slurred speech, dysphasia
  • apraxia
  • dyspraxia of speech
  • swallowing difficulties, dysphagia
  • voice disorders
  • hoarseness, hypernasality, hyponasality
  • aphasia, acquired
  • developmental speech or language disorder
  • developmental aphasia
  • speech articulation disorder

The usual clinic service consists of an evaluation by a speech-language pathologist. Special services include staffing consultations with schools and diagnostic evaluative sessions for technical assistance for community providers.

Professional Staff

Speech-language pathologists provide the basic service. Other disciplines, such as audiology, developmental pediatrics, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and education or psychology are available for consultation as needed.