Services & Treatment

We offer pediatric diagnosis and evaluation for a wide variety of developmental concerns including, early childhood assessment, learning disabilities and ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and intellectual disabilities.

We also see children and adolescents for the social, behavioral and emotional issues that can be associated with these developmental concerns. In our clinic for children, younger than four years, we see toddlers and preschoolers who may have speech and language delays, general developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, and social-emotional concerns associated with these conditions. In our clinic for older children, older than four years, we evaluate children for ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, neuropsychological  disorders and intellectual disabilities. Our developmental pediatricians also offer medication management for some complex developmental problems.

The Eugene Child Development Program provides interdisciplinary evaluation and diagnostic consultation to assist families of children from birth through age five who have developmental challenges to make informed decisions regarding medical, developmental, and educational needs. We work to make sure these services are family-centered and culturally sensitive.

We practice a team approach when evaluating and diagnosing children who may have developmental challenges, language / communication difficulty, autism, or a related condition. The typical evaluation involves a developmental pediatrician,and other clinicians as needed on an individual basis. Our core team includes board certified developmental pediatricians, licensed psychologists, speech/language pathologists, a social worker, and occupational or physical therapists. The core team is composed based on the child's specific needs. Our evaluations are based on the concerns and questions from the family and referring professionals.

As a result of the evaluation process, families or community providers can expect to:

  • Receive information regarding a child's developmental and educational needs, and whether or not a diagnosis is present
  • Learn approaches for use at home, in the community, or at school to support development and learning
  • Receive guidance regarding developmental stages and transitions
  • Learn about medical or related services that may be needed to assist with or treat the identified developmental concerns
  • Learn about sources of family and peer support
  • Receive information about development, community resources, and methods for addressing financial concerns, or access to care

In addition to the evaluation, the Eugene team provides information and support regarding children's development to community, medical, and educational teams. Clinicians work closely with, and often are the same clinicians as those who work at our CDRC Portland (OHSU) clinic location.