Blue Course Evaluations

OHSU uses the course evaluation system, Blue. Most courses in the Schools of Nursing, Medicine, and Dentistry, Public Health, and Allied Health now use it for their course evaluations.  

Course evaluations for Students

Also, students can access the course evaluations via the "My Workspace" area in Sakai. They can click on the image below, which is located towards the right-side of the screen, to access the evaluations:

Clickable button to link to course evaluation system for students

To start the evaluation, the student can click on the name of the course and begin answering the questions in the evaluation. 

Please note that not every course offered at OHSU uses the Blue course evaluation tool.

Course evaluations for Faculty

Faculty who wish to review their course evaluation reports follow a similar procedure to students.  An email will be sent to faculty who have course reports waiting to be reviewed.  The email will contain a a link to the Course Evaluation Reports page, which will direct the faculty member to the reports page when clicked.  After logging into Sakai, the faculty member will arrive at page that displays the list of course evaluations.  

Faculty can also click on the Course Evaluations Report reports image in their "My Workspace" area in Sakai to visit the course evaluations page:

Clickable button to go to course evaluation reports for faculty and administrators

To access course evaluation reports prior to the Fall 2013 term, instructors will need to do the following:

  1. Log into Sakai:
  2. Click on your "My Workspace" site.
  3. Click on the "Survey System" tool in the tool menu on the left.
  4. Click on the link(s) titled "View Report" to view the course evaluation report for the particular term you wish to view.

If you have questions using the course evaluation system in Sakai, please or call us at (877) 972-5249.

Course evaluations for Program Administrators

The process to access course evaluation reports is the same for program administrators as it is for faculty.  The only difference is that you may, depending on your level of access, receive multiple types of reports. You can or call us at (877) 972-5249 if you have any questions.

Interested in improving your course and teaching evaluations results? Or the quality of the evaluations? Do you have questions regarding who has access to your evaluations? Or whether or not evaluations are confidential? We're here to help. Contact the with your questions. We can set up a meeting time to speak in-person or over the phone.