Student Health Advisory Committee

The OHSU Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) serves as a forum for student voices working alongside JBT Health & Wellness Center staff to help ensure that student health and wellness needs are met.  The committee consists of student representatives appointed or elected by their respective program/school to represent the interests of their individual student bodies.  It also includes school faculty and staff, and various key stakeholders from across OHSU (Registrar, Financial Aid, etc.). 


SHAC Activities

Monthly Meetings

SHAC convenes monthly.  Meetings are typically held in the Medical Research Building with video conferencing available at the Robertson Life Sciences Building on the South Waterfront.  Meeting minutes are sent out within a week of our meetings.

Student Health Insurance Review

SHAC representatives participate in the insurance review and renewal process which includes medical, dental, and vision coverage.  In this role, SHAC makes recommendations about how to balance requests for new benefits while maintaining affordable health insurance for all students. 

SHAC Student & School Representative Role and Responsibilities

Student and school representatives are responsible for representing the interests of their respective student bodies.  In addition, they hold responsibility for disseminating information from the advisory meetings back to their student bodies in a timely and comprehensive manner.