Blood-Borne Pathogen Exposure

If you have a possible exposure:

  • Immediately wash the exposure site
  • Notify your instructor at the time of the exposure
  • Call or go to the JBT Health & Wellness Center. If for any reason JBT is not available, go to the Emergency Room.

Time is crucial. All exposures should be assessed for risk factors as soon as possible and definitely no later than 24 hours regardless of risk.  If there are questions on whether or not an exposure has occurred, please report and seek care

All OHSU students and postdoctoral fellows who have an occupational exposure to blood or body substances or other communicable diseases are to seek treatment and document the exposure via the
Confidential Incident/Quality Concern Report.

It is the responsibility of the student and/or postdoctoral fellow's supervisor or instructor to relieve the student/postdoc from their current assignment to allow for prompt post-exposure assessment and treatment as needed.

Read more information about the Blood-Borne Exposure Procedure