Services Available


We are pleased to offer counseling and psychiatric care for a range of stressful personal reactions and behavioral health conditions.  Our services are provided by several psychologists and one psychiatrist who together offer diagnosis, medical management and counseling for a wide range of conditions. On some occasions, we help with providing referrals for insurance-based care.  For example, when certain medications are considered, evaluations may be required. 


Our behavioral health staff are available Monday-Friday as early as 7:00 am, or as late as 6:00 pm to help accommodate your busy schedules. If you are having an acute crisis you may call 503 494-8665, or walk-in without an appointment.  There is always a clinic physician or nurse on call after hours and on weekends; call OHSU 503 494-8311 and ask for the JBT Health provider on call.  If you have questions, please call 503 494-8665 or ext. 4-8665 or ask us when you are in the JBT Health & Wellness Center.

Some people feel awkward seeing a counselor and have told us that they do not want the counselor to come to the waiting area to take them back to the counseling session.  If you feel this way, tell the receptionist that you would like the medical assistant or nurse to take you back for your session.  Then be sure to discuss your feelings with the counselor during your first visit.

Psychological Assessment

Various assessment needs can be addressed through structured interviews.  If formal psychological testing is required this will be referred to outside providers.

Behavioral Health Resources

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