Simulation Research

Students using simulation to practice resuscitation

Research is being done worldwide on the use of simulation in healthcare education, training, and to develop and test new technology. Several professional simulation organizations are studying and making recommendations regarding the future of simulation research, including the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, who facilitated a research consensus summit.

This summit was held in January 2011 in New Orleans. A supplemental journal was printed with the results of this discussion and conclusions. [Simulation in Healthcare: Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare; Monographs from the First Research Consensus Summit of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Vol. 6, August 2011 Supplement].

There were  ten topics determined in the summit to be important for study, including: Simulation for Learning and Teaching Procedural Skills; Simulation-Based Team Training in Healthcare; A Path to Better Healthcare Simulation Systems; The Study of Factors Affecting Human and Systems Performance in Healthcare Using Simulation; Evaluating the Impact of Simulation on Translational Patient Outcomes; Research Regarding Methods of Assessing Learning Outcomes; and Simulation-Based Assessment and the Regulation of Healthcare Professionals.

Many individuals and groups at OHSU have conducted simulation research and the details of their projects are listed within the program sites.