Code Responder Nurse Development


In 2007, the Code Responder Nurse Development (CRND) committee was created to identify the needs of the code responder nurses.  The CRND committee discovered that roles and responsibility, leadership, communication, teamwork, resource management and crowd control needed to be defined. 

The CRND group was formed to begin addressing some of the code blue team needs.  The CRND group is made up of three nurses from two adult intensive care units, 8C CSICU and 12K CMICU.  Each of the units selects about 24 nurses to represent the CRND group on the code blue team.  As members of the code blue team, the CRND group is responsible for assessing the scene on arrival using the assessment basics checklist, assume one of three roles: (1) Defibrillation, (2) Documentation, and (3) Drugs, and integrating crisis resource management concepts. 

In collaboration with HES, the CRND committee delivers an elaborate annual training program to develop code responder nurses who are 50% of the code blue team.  The CRND program is in its sixth year of implementation.  The goal is to provide annual training using simulation to address code responder nurse performance, confidence and satisfaction.  Through the efforts of HES and the CRND committee policies and systems were updated, staff performance, confidence and satisfaction improved, and new programs were created like the Simulated Code Interdisciplinary Team Training (SCITT) program.

In 2011, the CRND committee merged with the SCITT committee in order to continue multidisciplinary collaboration.  The CRND representatives from the adult intensive care cluster participate in SCITT and CRND meetings and trainings.  The CRND committee is still responsible for developing and delivering annual training to the CRND group.

The CRND Session

  • Duration:  4-hour sessions that include didactic, technical skills station, mock code, debrief, and evaluation
  • Frequency:  Annual
  • Locations:  In-situ (locations vary) and the Simulation and Clinical Learning Center (SCLC)
  • Resources:
  • Assessment Basics Checklist (links to document)
    3-D Roles (links to document)