Graduate Nursing Senate Officers


The Graduate Nursing Senate has formed five committees. All OHSU SON graduate students are invited to serve on committees and to give feedback to these committees.

President: Anjie Raber

Vice President: Kris Weymann

Conference Funding Committee

Purpose: This committee is responsible for developing the criteria for distributing funds for graduate students to attend conferences. After the criteria has been developed, this committee will be responsible for promoting the availability of funds and managing the system of distributing conference funds to interested graduate students.

Representative -Jessica Madison, PhD. Student

Research Forum

Purpose:  The Student Research Forum (SRF) is a celebration of student research in all OHSU schools and discipline. Students from SON, SOD, SOM, and College of Pharmacy to present research from any research field from engineering or policy design to genetics or symptom management.  GNS representatives work with the SRF team to incorporate and encourage student research within the school of nursing. Check out the OHSU Research forum web page.

Representative -Kris Weymann, Ph.D. Student 
Representative-Paula Nagy, Ph.D. Student

OHSU Student Council

Purpose: The OHSU Student Council serves as the liaison between students, faculty, and administration throughout the OHSU campus.  The OHSU Student Council is the governing body of all OHSU students.  GNS student representatives work to serve on committees across campus, hosting student events throughout the year, and keeping students informed of important happenings that directly affect student life. Student council meets the second Friday of the month in BRB 381 from 12-1:30.

Representative-Violet Lakeland, PMHNP Student
Representative- Tim Lafolette, PMHNP Student

Student Health Advisory Committee

Purpose: The student health advisory committee works to examine health related topics that may impact the student experience here at OHSU. The GNS representative is responsible for attending those meetings, or finding a fellow GNS student who is available to attend, and report important information back at GNS meetings, or before if necessary. The student health advisory committee meets the first Thursday of the month in Mackenzie Hall Café from 12-1:30.

Representative-Cherry Pisigan, DNP FNP Student

Grievance Committee

Purpose: The grievance committee works to resolve issues informally and locally after a grievance has been filed. The GNS representative will be notified and trained at that time.

Social Committees

GNS provides each graduate discipline within the School of Nursing a small stipend (usually $100) to spend some quality time together!

Masters in Nursing Education-Need a Representative
PhD-Kris Weymann & Anjie Raber
Psych Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-Violet Lakeland
Doctorate of Nursing Practice-Cherry Pisigan
Nurse Midwifery-Megan Burgers
Nurse Anesthetist-Kristen Stephenson
Masters in Public Health-Christina Baldisseri
Family Nurse Practitioner-Christy Ernst