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OHSU School of Nursing May Scholar

Nancy Press, PhDNancy Press, Professor

Nancy Press
I am trained as a medical anthropologist and am interested in all aspects of the way societies deal with health and illness as well as with the medical system as a culture. My specific research interests include the social and bioethical implications of genetic and genomic information, with an emphasis on reproductive genetic testing, family communication around genetic information, and behavioral genetics. I also have research interests in health care provider-patient communication.  My research provides numerous opportunities for students who would like to learn more about the research process by becoming involved in data collection or data analysis on a variety of projects.

(Dr. Press will be joined at the presentation by her Project Manager, Jennifer Poat.)

Jennifer Poat
I am also a medical anthropologist, interested in community oriented research that discusses creative solutions to health inequities. I have past experiences in studying practical and cultural interpretations of certain illnesses, and have recently become involved in the issue of patient disclosure of genetic illnesses.  In our lecture on trust between a patient and provider, Nancy and I focus on the delicate relationship built around several intertwining issues within and out of the provider’s office.