February Scholar 2011

OHSU School of Nursing February Scholar

Julie Cartwright, Ph.D.Juliana Cartwright
My program of research focuses on end-of-life care in community-based settings. I am particularly interested in the interactions among multiple provider organizations and staff when caring for dying people in assisted living. How do hospice nurses and other staff effectively interact with residential care staff and family members in providing care for a dying resident?

An area of interest that evolved from my primary work involves ethical issues in conducting end-of-life research. With Drs. Susan Hickman (PI) and Chris Nelson, I am completing a study of investigator experiences with ethical challenges and associated strategies for managing these challenges. We are now beginning to disseminate findings from this study and are exploring next steps based on our findings.

I greatly value the opportunity to conduct research within a team format. Colleagues bring excellent ideas, creativity, and experience in developing and implementing studies. As faculty in a statewide program, I’ve learned how to effectively collaborate with colleagues on other campuses and in other time zones.  Research collaborations beyond the geographic borders of our campuses provide rich opportunities to strengthen our research mission within the School and to ultimately contribute critical knowledge to nursing practice.