Rural Health Track

Rural Health Track within the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

Rural Health Track Option

The Rural Health Track (RHT) is a rural practice-focused option within the OHSU School of Nursing Masters in Nursing (MN) and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program. It is designed to prepare expert rural advanced practice nurses and leaders needed to improve health and health care outcomes of rural communities. This track will provide nurses with the education to face the unique challenges and meet the specific demands of rural practice through a unique curriculum.
The Rural Health Track option is designed for nurses involved in or interested in advanced practice roles in rural communities and is open to MN or DNP students in the PMHNP or FNP programs and Postmaster’s DNP students.

Shaping the Future

By choosing the Rural Health Track Option, you will not only be gaining the skills necessary to meet the complex an challenging demands of rural practice, you will also help re-shape, and revitalize the future of primary and mental health care in rural settings. Your innovative ideas and experiences will be critical to developing this exciting new option for yourself and future generations of Rural Health Track students.