Lisa Radcliff, D.N.P., F.N.P.-B.C., A.O.C.N.P.

Lisa radcliff

Current Home: Portland, Oregon

Current Employment: Oregon Health and Science University, Knight cancer Institute, Division of Community Hematology and Oncology, Nurse Practitioner and Instructor in the School of Medicine



How did the program help shape your current practice or position?

The DNP program improved my clinical skills immensely. I used the case studies as a learning opportunity to explore topics of interest that were useful to my patient population. The program also provided a more systems view of healthcare in general, and I have become more judicious in my use of resources

What’s next for you?

I will continue in clinical service of the oncology patient population. I plan to pursue teaching scholarship opportunities at the University. I also will continue to participate in evidence-based practice improvement projects for my clinic.

What advice would you give to incoming doctoral students?

Keep an open mind. This program did not turn out as I expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. I participated in areas that I had not previously envisioned myself which provided the opportunity for growth and exploration of other areas of nursing.

Final Thoughts

Be flexible and creative. The program has a portion of independent study that is purposefully vague in description and direction so that the student may create and employ their own personal vision. Take advantage of this model and make it your own!