Practice Graduate Curriculum Committee


No meeting minutes to report.


No meeting minutes to report.


2009.07.27-Course Revision N709BA

2009.07.27-Course Revision N709BB 

2009.07.27-Course Revision N709BC

2009.07.27-Course Revision N709BD

2009.07.27-email 6.3.09


2009.07.27-NURS 709BA syllabus draft 7_09

2009.07.27-NURS 709BB syllabus draft 7_09

2009.07.27-NURS 709BC syllabus draft 7_09

2009.07.27-NURS 709BD syllabus draft 7_09

2009.07.27-Winter Term 2009 Summary CE Only Yermal

2009.08.01-No Meeting

2009.09.01-No Meeting

2009.10.01-No Meeting

2009.11.01-No Meeting

2009.12.01-No Meeting

2010.01.13- Minutes

2010.02.01-No Meeting



2010.04.05-U-E Course Proposal

2010.04.05-Urgent-emergent Addendum

2010.04.12-Differential Course request form

2010.04.12-Differential Diagnosis

2010.04.12-Differential Diagnosis Syllabus


2010.04.12-Rural mental health practice for the PMHNP2

2010.04.12-Rural NP Course Request summary

2010.04.12-Rural PMHNP course request form

2010.04.12-U-E Course Proposal

2010.04.12-Urgent-emergent Course Proposal addendum

2010.05.03-Change in POS 4.10

2010.05.03-CNM POS 4.10

2010.05.03-CNM POS 7 27 09

2010.05.03-Course Revision 703 summer 2010

2010.05.03-Course Revision 574C 5-29-09

2010.05.03-Course Revision  574B

2010.05.03-Course Revision NURS 541

2010.05.03-Course Revision April 2010 2

2010.05.03-Course Revision NURS 574A

2010.05.03-email request

2010.05.03-July PMHNP

2010.05.03-June NMW Exit

2010.05.03-May 2010 FNP Exit


2010.05.03-PMHNP program of study changes

2010.05.03-Revised NURS 703 summer syllabus

2010.05.03-Rural HC Delivery for APNs request

2010.05.03-Rural HC Delivery for APNs syllabus AR

2010.05.03-Rural HC Delivery for APNs syllabus

2010.05.03-Rural mental health practice for the PMHNP3 AR

2010.05.03-Rural mental health practice for the PMHNP3

2010.05.03-Rural PMHNP course request form

2010.05.03-SON NAP eval highlight Jan 2010

2010.05.10-01002 Winter Term 2010 CE Only Yermal

2010.05.10-Course Revision 574C

2010.05.10-Course Revision  574B

2010.05.10-Course Revision NURS 541

2010.05.10-Course Revision NURS 574A

2010.05.10-Curriculum revision PoS PMHNP


2010.05.10-Rural HC Delivery for APNs AR

2010.05.10-Rural mental health practice AR

2010.05.10-U-E Course Proposal

2010.05.10-Urgent-emergent Course Proposal addendum

2010.06.10-509W Approved Syllabus

2010.06.10-509W Approved Syllabus FINAL

2010.06.10-Course Revision


2010.06.10-NUR 523 Course Revision 5-29-09


2010.07.27- NURS 711 1 credit Sp10

2010.07.27-NURS 711 3 credit Sp10

2010.07.27-Comm Sp2010 NURS 711 1 credit

2010.07.27-Comm Sp2010 NURS 711 3 credits

2010.07.27-Course Deletion 575

2010.07.27-Course Eval Fac Resp Form Nov

2010.07.27-FNP Part Time POS 6.14. 2010

2010.07.27-FNP POS 2010 Full Time

2010.07.27-Spring Term 2010 Summary CE Yermal


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