Emergency Action Plan

OHSU maintains an Emergency Management Program that plans for an organized and effective response to emergencies. The objective is to maximize the preservation and protection of life, property and operational abilities during emergencies.

The complexity of a multi-site campus like OHSU requires the full support of faculty, staff, and students to successfully implement the University Campus Emergency Preparedness Program. Department Emergency Action Plans (EAP) are an integral part of the Program, and are vital to maintaining the preparedness and safety of the Campus community.

All Department units are expected to develop Emergency Action Plans specific to their individual locations. These Emergency Action Plans should address preparedness measures, emergency response, sheltering in place, and evacuation planning. The EAP is a way for your workplace to prepare and plan for a variety of emergency situations, e.g., medical emergencies, citywide disasters, power outages, hazardous chemical spills, fires, active threats, bomb threats, civil disturbances, and earthquakes.

It is important for all students, staff and faculty to read and understand their work site Emergency Action Plan BEFORE an emergency occurs. Managers should share safety information with faculty, staff, and students; brief all new personnel as they join the department; and POST copies of the Emergency Action Plan in accessible locations