Information Systems & Educational Technology

Message from our Director for Educational Services & SimulationWordle

We have all been working to best provide the support needed for the success of our learners statewide! It takes everyone in our community to pull this off. This page has a number of links to resources that we have found to be helpful tools. The iSET (informational Systems & Educational Technology) Team is working collaboratively to improve our technologies and our Distance Learning environment for our learners, faculty & community. We are currently undergoing our needs assessment and gap analysis and will distribute our results here.

Meet the Team

Brian Jones

- Computer Support Analyst, Brian has been with the School of Nursing for the last 15 years. He came to OHSU after working as a systems administrator for a small printing company. He was also a firefighter in the US Air Force. His responsibilities include budgeting and purchasing of computer related technologies across all campuses and primary support for the Portland campus. His position recently expanded including support for telecom, space allocation and office move coordination. Brian says that the best thing about this job is the flexibility and that every day is a new adventure. Brian spends much of his spare time with his partner in Eugene; kayaking waters of the Great Northwest; or training his newly rescued puppy.

Laurie Youker

- OCNE Program & Educational Services Associate, Laurie Youker has held various roles in the School of nursing, from course support to simulation technology, over the last 17 years. She is currently retired and working part-time for the SoN. Her duties include currently supporting the Oregon consortium for nursing Education (OCNE) and the Office of Academic Affairs iSET.


- Web & Communications Liaison - Christi manages the School of Nursing's website and communications (including all social media outlets). She is the lead on the School's Connections newsletter and works with the Alumni team on that and other outreach projects. Whether it's maintaining program pages or communicating news and events to the nursing community, she's on it. Outside of work she loves to read, write, hangout with her dog, and watch (and sometimes play) soccer.

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