Student Highlight: Tiffany Allen

By Christi Richardson

You’ll know her by the smile on her face and the stylish mop of hair on her head. You’ll see her at any number of volunteer and community events from the NursingTiffany Allen Students without Borders UNETE Health Fair to the Ashland Student Nurses Association meetings (she is president, you know). Tiffany Allen gets involved and stays involved as evidenced by her nine plus years of service to the OHSU School of Nursing as a Research Assistant and Academic Associate, not to mention the past two years as a BS nursing student.

When asked what challenged her most in her schooling, Allen summed it up in one word. Scheduling. With a four year old daughter, a husband with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease), making time to study, and working, Allen says she has a very set schedule. It can get complicated, but with support and encouragement from her husband and help with childcare from her mother-in-law and neighbors/friends, Allen forges forward. Because Allen loves learning and school gives her the opportunity to engage in something different she is able to keep a smile on her face. She says, “I had been encouraged to join nursing for years by both Julie Cartwright (current faculty) and Heather Young (former faculty) and finally went for it. Being in nursing school is a gift and a privilege. It has changed my perspective on health and wellness and has enabled me to walk the talk in caring for myself as well as my family.”

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