Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence Scholar

04/19/12  Portland, Ore.

The John A. Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence is pleased to announce that
Julie Bidwell, RN has been selected as OHSU School of Nursing’s Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence Scholar

School of NursingJulie Bidwell has cared for older adults living with advanced heart failure in her clinical practice and was admitted to the PhD program in 2011to gain insight into the burden of this common disorder on older adult patients and their older adult caregivers. Julie’s advisor, Christopher Lee, Ph.D., RN commented, “Ms. Bidwell’s unmatched potential for an innovative career in gerontological nursing.” Dr. Lee states, “Ms. Bidwell has functioned as the OHSU liaison to, and site coordinator for a large international registry of adults requiring mechanical circulatory support. Ms. Bidwell has approached this role from the perspective of a nurse scientist, and has already articulated several critical research questions about older adults who receive mechanical circulatory support for advanced heart failure. Moreover, Ms. Bidwell has identified several aspects of the care of patients and their caregivers that are primed for strategic intervention. Her experience as an integral member of a multidisciplinary research team has also fostered exemplary collaboration that will foster great success in her dissertation research. Ms. Bidwell has already made significant contributions to our science. She has presented a critical review of published literature on caregiver burden regarding patients requiring mechanical circulatory support. Ms. Bidwell made critical contributions to a submitted paper on the influence of mild cognitive dysfunction on patients’ ability to recognize and respond to symptoms when they occur. Ms. Bidwell is presenting two different early research findings at local and national scientific sessions this spring. Further, Ms. Bidwell will submit within the next few weeks her first authored paper on how physical symptoms drive different self-care management behaviors in older adults with vs. those without mild cognitive dysfunction. Individually, these important scholarly products are impressive. Collectively, however, these products mark a clear and innovative program of research that is unprecedented for a second quarter post-Baccalaureate student."

For more information contact:
Ann Delmar, Center Administrator
OHSU John A. Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence