Student Support

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The John A. Hartford Foundation has created a strong tradition of building academic geriatric nursing capacity through mentorship. This helps prepare the next generations of gerontological nursing leaders. Here at the OHSU School of Nursing’s Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence faculty continue that tradition. Through mentoring, faculty commit to providing a firm foundation for academic careers. Our faculty work closely with Ph.D. students, advance practice nursing students, and undergraduate students. Together, they contribute substantively to the knowledge base related to care for older adults.


OHSU nursing students demonstrate a commitment to careers in nursing education, practice, and research that will benefit older adults.  To support their studies, gerontological nursing students have successfully attracted over $4 million in financial support since 2002.

The Hearst Endowed Scholarship

The Hartford Center of Gerontological Excellence is honored to steward the Hearst Endowed Scholarship. The goal of the Hearst Foundations’ scholarship is to prepare advanced practice nurses whose focus is on the health and health care of older adults. This scholarship provides funding for students enrolled in Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs at Oregon Health & Science University’s School of Nursing and whose focus is on gerontological advanced practice nursing. These include the Family Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner programs.

Michaelson Geriatric Endowed Scholarship

The goal of The Michaelson Geriatric Endowed  Scholarship is to prepare advanced practice nurses and nurse educators with the advanced knowledge needed to address the health and health care needs of older adults. This scholarship provides support for students enrolled in the Master of Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs, during the second year of study, at Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing. Students must show a commitment to the health and health care needs of older adults. 

Undergraduate Gerontological Nursing Honors Program

The Gerontological Nursing Honors Program (GNHP) is designed for outstanding undergraduate nursing students to receive additional mentorship and credits related to working with older adults. This unique honors program helps undergraduate students to better understand the needs of our aging population and prepares students for taking the next step in their education with an in-depth focus in gerontological nursing. The financial support from The Hearst Foundations' grant supports these students tuition for the additional credits.

Class of 2018 Gerontological Nursing Honors Program Graduates

Edwina Hope Arrington
Cynthia Boelling
Lauren Bumgarner
Janine Egan
Maureen Ellis
Shannon Miley
Ruby Renee Naslund

Class of 2017 Gerontological Nursing Honors Program Graduates

Jacqueline Adams
Norma Bono
Benjamin Fallah
Hannah Hassan
Stephanie Rodriguez
Lauren Susort
Nanina Takla
Caitlin Walters
Yunfei Zeng

Class of 2016 Gerontological Nursing Honors Program Graduates

Lauren Beyerle
Shelby Griggs
Amber Knapp
Michael Kolbas
Gina Umble

National Graduate Fellowships & Scholarships

2015-2017 National Research Service Award
Quin Denfeld

2014-2016 Claire M. Fagin Fellow
Corey Nagel

2014-2016 Patricia G. Archbold Scholar
Daniel Mick

2014-2016 National Research Service Award
Lyndsey Miller
Julie Bidwell

2013-2015 Patricia G. Archbold Scholars
Julie Bidwell
Quin Denfeld

2012-2014 Patricia G. Archbold Scholar
Lyndsey Miller

2011-2013 JAHF BAGNC Predoctoral Scholar
Paula Nagy

2010-2012 Claire M. Fagin Fellow
Teresa Goodell

2009-2011 Claire M. Fagin Fellow
Glenise McKenzie

2009-2011 JAHF BAGNC Predoctoral Scholars
Corey Nagel
Kris Weymann

2008-2010 JAHF BAGNC Predoctoral Scholar
Yi Yan

2007-2009 Claire M. Fagin Fellow
Elena Siegel

2007-2009 JAHF BAGNC Predoctoral Scholars
Rebecca Scobee
Miriam Volpin

2006-2008 JAHF BAGNC Predoctoral Scholars
Elizabeth Caley
Carol Kemp
Kathryn Sexson

2005 - 2007 JAHF BAGNC Predoctoral Scholars
Colleen Casey
Kristen Swafford

2004 JAHF BAGNC Predoctoral Scholar
Casey Raquel Shillam

2003 JAHF BAGNC Predoctoral Scholars
Carla Hagen
Jeanette O'Brien

2002 JAHF BAGNC Predoctoral Scholar
Karen E. Greco

2001 JAHF BAGNC Predoctoral Scholar
Karen B. Tetz

2001 JAHF BAGNC Post-doctoral Scholar
Lissi Hansen