Research Roadmap

Research today

The national research landscape has shifted. Answering complex biomedical questions requires a collective effort to solve the most difficult and important questions in science. Above all, academic biomedicine and science must be guided by the goal to improve human health.

OHSU faculty members are highly innovative and productive researchers. Our powerful pioneering spirit drives discovery. At the same time, we are known for our collegiality and collaborative spirit. At OHSU, two minds are better than one.

A vision, a plan

In 2010-2011, more than 100 faculty in the OHSU School of Medicine gathered to articulate a vision for research, developing a Research Roadmap that is guided by one vision:

By 2016, the OHSU School of Medicine will be recognized globally for excellence in scientific discovery, collaboration and the rapid translation of new knowledge into practices that improve human health. 

The Roadmap at work

The Roadmap provides an ongoing process for faculty engagement and input towards the achievement of this vision through the Collaborative Research Leadership Group and faculty-led task forces focused on implementing six strategic initiatives to enhance research success in the OHSU School of Medicine.

As a strategic process, the Roadmap is designed to:

  • Create an effective and valued mechanism for faculty to participate in the advancement of research at OHSU.
  • Tap faculty expertise, knowledge and experience to identify barriers to excellence and enhance our capacity to advance human health and well-being.


Our efforts are bearing fruit. Examples include:

  • Increased support for research faculty
  • Improved research infrastructure
  • Advancement in computational biology
  • Reduction in barriers to research
  • Greater promotion of research
  • Support for research collaboration and capacity
  • And more

We have also launched a process to support faculty as they transition to a more diversified research funding portfolio – be it philanthropy, industry partnerships or different types of federal or other public support. 

Today, we are building on our strengths. Through planning, collaboration and innovative partnerships, we are positioning ourselves to succeed in this golden era of biomedicine.