Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)

The next accreditation cycle for the OHSU School of Medicine is academic year 2019-2020.

The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) is the nationally recognized accrediting authority for medical education programs leading to the M.D. degree in U.S. and Canadian medical schools. The LCME is sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Medical Association. The LCME accreditation process has two general aims: to certify that a medical education program meets prescribed standards for function, structure, and performance; and to promote institutional and programmatic self-evaluation and improvement.

The LCME accreditation process, which occurs every eight years, provides us with an opportunity to review our progress, to assess challenges we face and to chart our course for enhancing our medical education program. In January 2012, the SOM had a full-scale LCME accreditation review. Preparation for the LCME accreditation survey team’s visit was formally launched in October 2010 and built upon the School’s commitment to ongoing self-study and continuous improvement.

The self-study process brought together more than 150 individuals: basic and clinical science faculty, administrators, staff and students, as well as community members affiliated with OHSU. Ten faculty committees and one student committee met regularly and worked diligently to address 129 LCME standards assessing our medical education program.

The self-study process is an opportunity to make sure our excellent medical education program continues to include the best available technology, learning resources and innovations in patient care. Students play an essential role in the self-study process. As required by the LCME, a separate student committee, composed only of medical students, created and distributed a detailed questionnaire and presented their findings in an independent report to the LCME.

This page provides news articles with detailed information about the LCME accreditation process at OHSU. An internal website with important accreditation information—plus updates, student and faculty survey results, the self-study summary and accreditation database—is also available for OHSU School of Medicine faculty, students and staff.

OHSU School of Medicine Completes LCME Monitoring Requirement