Oregon Nutrition Day 2016

Oregon Nutrition Day program

Have you ever wondered what drives us to eat what we do? We have, so we gathered a group of engaging speakers who led us through discussions about how our appetite is wired, why pregnant women crave certain foods, and how Big Food has hooked us through devising foods we just can't resist. All of this was presented in a larger context of understanding the vital relationship between nutrition before birth and adult onset disease.

This is the second time we've gathered people together to grapple with how our food culture affects the health of our communities, and we've already started planning for the next one in May 2017. Stay tuned for details. 

If you missed it, check out a few of the presentations below.



Keynote presentation: Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Michael Moss keynote presentationWe were lucky enough to have Michael Moss, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and #1 New York Times best-selling author of Salt Sugar Fat, How the Food Giants Hooked Us as the keynote speaker at Oregon Nutrition Day.

His talk focused on how the processed food industry has found ways to develop products that consumers find almost irresistible by adjusting the levels of salt, sugar and fat. These three ingredients, he contends, have been the primary influencers in making the processed and packaged food industries so successful. He also provided insight into the huge amounts of money and effort that go into marketing these products to consumers and just how big this industry is. Woven throughout were acknowledgements of the role these ingredients, and the processed food industry have had on the current obesity epidemic in the U.S.


Mindful cooking demonstration recipes

If you're looking for the recipes for red lentil soup with spinach, cucumber salad with feta and mint, and lemony yogurt with honey macerated strawberries, that were part of the afternoon cooking demonstration, you can find those here.



If you want to read more about the presenters and see the full schedule, you can check out the full program here.

Oregon Nutrition Day presentations

Kent Thornburg headshotKent Thornburg, Ph.D.
Oregon Health & Science University

Why Nutrition is More Important than We Thought

Courtney Jackson headshotCourtney Jackson, N.D.
National College of Natural Medicine

Navigating Hidden Sugar: The Not-So-Sweet Truth about Hidden Sweeteners in Our Diet

Julie Briley headshot

Julie Briley, N.D.
National College of Natural Medicine

Navigating Hidden Sugar: The Not-So-Sweet Truth about Added Sweeteners in Our Diet