Data Jamboree

The Computational Biology Department in the OHSU School of Medicine organizes an open working group of individuals across the university who are utilizing computational resources. The working group forum or Data Jamboree is scheduled on a monthly basis and showcases different researchers and departments across campus. 

The purpose of the Data Jamboree is to share knowledge, tools and best practices/standards through 5- to 10-minute live demos by informatics enthusiasts across campus. All are welcome to present!

"Rather than have each investigator create his or her own computational tool or methodology, we should be working openly," said Adam Margolin, Ph.D, Director of Computational Biology. "That way researchers don't have to reinvent the wheel every time, and they can plug into the group's cumulative knowledge to adapt a tool already in existence or jointly evolve best practices for common analysis tasks. We offer a path to greater efficiency and better results."

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