Jeffrey Robinson, PhD

Jeffrey D. Robinson Ph.D., Medical Sociology, University of California at Los Angeles; M.A., Communication, University of Southern California is professor Dr. Robinsonand chair of the Department of Communication at Portland State University (Formerly in the Departments of Communication at Penn State and Rutgers University).   Dr. Robinson is also an adjunct professor of radiation medicine at the Oregon Health and Science University.

Dr. Robinson studies the structure of provider-patient communication – especially patient-centered care – and how it affects patients’ health outcomes, such as medical decision making, satisfaction, and hope. He uses both qualitative and quantitative methods, preferring to videotape, transcribe, and analyze communication during actual practice. Dr. Robinson specializes in both primary- and cancer care (most recently breast and prostate, but also skin).

Dr. Robinson's research is regularly funded by the National Institutes of Health (including the National Cancer Institute) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. He has published over 40 articles and book chapters in locations such as the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Pediatrics, Vaccine, Preventive Medicine, Social Science and Medicine, Journal of General Internal Medicine, and Patient Education and Counseling.