Janet Garrett


Radiation Therapist


Radiation Medicine


Degree in Radiation Therapy
Degree in Radiologic Technology


Janet came to OHSU in 2005, after 13 years of working for Meridian Park Hospital in Washington. When she married, she returned to school to complete her technical training for radiation therapy.

She has been instrumental in organizing and implementing computer treatment record and verify system (VARIS) at Meridian Park, as well as, providing additional training in VARIS to those therapists in the Legacy system at Emanuel Hospital. Janet, also, received the Platinum Baton Award for 2011.

She was on staff with one of the first facility to treat with IMRT in the Portland area. Janet has experience with 2100 linear accelerators (VARIAN), the Electa and Phillips simulators, as well as, the historical treatment machines listed as CL4 and 6100C. She resides in Vancouver with her husband Jim and little dog, Ellie-Roo.