Hanna Choi




Radiation Medicine

High School/University:

Westview High School (2006-present)

Interest and Accomplishments:

Hanna Choi is a senior at Westview High School. This is her second research project. Her first was with Dr. Abby Buenafe at OHSU during the summer of 2005 on neurology, investigating an animal model of multiple sclerosis and making a proposal on the role of cytokines using a certain treatment on mice.

Her background in chemistry, physics, and computer programming (C, AutoCad, webdesign) have been assets for her. Although always interested in scientific research, her academic focus began with mathematics, an area that she excels in. She'll be taking Linear Algebra this summer along with her ASE apprenticeship. While maintaining a rigorous academic workload, Hanna is an active participant in extracurricular clubs - including Model United Nations, National Honor Society, Science Bowl, & Awareness 2 Action (an awareness club for AIDS).


A scientifically unrelated part of Ms. Choi that is quite vital in defining herself is her life is music. She's been playing and performing the violin for twelve years and the piano for eight. Though she may not make music a profession, it has truly shaped the way she's matured and experienced life up to this point.